• Services for the Well Site

    NOV Wellbore Technologies brought fluids, solids control, and waste management together to reduce costs and protect the environment. These groups, along with Site Services, comprise our WellSite Services business unit.



    Around the world, our fluids experts and waste management solutions are helping to minimize the creation of drilling fluid and maximize its reuse. Our BRANDT? solids control equipment continues to decrease cuttings volume and treat cuttings to meet the strictest disposal guidelines. This translates to economic savings and ecological sustainability.

    We’re also pioneering cost-effective, environmentally friendly drilling fluid systems that provide performance comparable to oil-based systems. The POLYTRAXX? water-based fluid system is saving customers as much as $300,000 per well.

    The Water Services Group offers an exclusive portfolio of equipment and capabilities to address the increasing demand for water-related support services; whether your water management needs relate to pre-frac fluid transfer, flowback and produced water handling or are centered on salt water disposal sites. Our comprehensive line of offerings include water storage solutions, water handling and transfer services, advanced water treatment services and chemical treatment options. We also deliver site construction work, including pad preparation, electrical and installation services, generators and light stands.

    The services we offer—from portable power generation to site survey and build-out—encompass all stages of the well development lifecycle and culminate in our ability to expertly manage the logistics of the well site. This trusted partnership means customers can focus on drilling, knowing we’ve taken care of the rest.