• Drilling Automation

    Our automated, data-driven drilling approach was developed by NOV experts from downhole technologies, instrumentation, wired pipe, and rig systems. The system combines industry-leading products and systems with proprietary software and specialists in drilling dynamics throughout each phase to enhance drilling operations. This innovative approach challenges the traditional services model, and it will change the way wells are drilled.



    Automation gives us the power to view the well as a functional system from start to finish. The eVolve? Optimization Service equips your existing rigs, rig crews, and engineers with an advanced, customizable toolkit that delivers performance, allows improved real-time decision making, and provides analytics capability.??At the heart of our system, IntelliServ? wired drill pipe streams data to the surface up to 2,000 times faster than conventional telemetry. That information controls the rig, and based on real-time downhole data and expert advice, new parameters are set to further optimize the drilling process, enabling performance increases and mitigating risks such as vibration and pressure.

    The success of our automation projects is dependent on the continuous drilling-program process optimization. The iterative process consists of four phases: analysis, planning, execution, and evaluation.

    Our eVolve service helped a client improve drilling performance in the Eagle Ford Shale. After an initial benchmarking, six wells were drilled with wired drillpipe feeding the automated control system at surface. The process significantly enhanced performance, with the client achieving an impressive 43% reduction in spud-to-TD time, while maintaining an incident-free rigsite.

    In the Bakken Shale, our client needed to reduce their total drilling time in a five-well pad. Our eVolve experts suggested the introduction of the BlackStream? EMS and SoftSpeed? II systems, which removed the bit trip in the vertical section and reduced total drilling time, with each of the three wells completing this section in a single bit run. The client saw a remarkable 25% average reduction in total drilling time on wells with automation services, with a 31% reduction for vertical sections alone.

    We’re the only company in the world that can automate the entire drilling system in house, and we’re aligning our automation services with the desired value for all customer segments.