• Intervention and Completion Tubulars



    New design challenges for deep water, extended reach and other critical completion operations have limited conventional use of industry-standard workstrings and prompted development of a new completion pipe capable of addressing demand for high torque, gas-tight seals and a streamlined connection profile. In response, specialized tubulars with metal-to-metal pressure seal connections rated up to 20,000 PSI (internally) and 10,000 PSI (externally) have been developed as an option for completion operations.

    High-performance, gas-tight connections provide the robust configuration of a rotary-shouldered connection with the pressure integrity of a premium connection. The completion pipe’s streamlined configuration provides an oversized, nearly flush bore to maximize hydraulic efficiency and provide for unobstructed tool passage through the string.

    Customized completion pipe offers a viable option for multiple operations such as drill stem tests (DST), drilling out cement, displacing mud with completion fluid, conveying perforating guns and performing hydraulic fracturing.


    Offshore well intervention operators have recognized the effectiveness of using intervention strings in comparison to traditional risers for downhole intervention work. The pipe intervention string provides a rugged structure, a gas-tight seal, a larger bore up to 6? in.

    Grant Prideco? can incorporate high-performance gas-tight connections into a custom design to meet customer-specific intervention requirements.

    Maximizing tool joint inside diameter and shifting tube upsets to the exterior creates an oversized bore across the connection and tube to allow tool passage freely through the string, such as the well head crown block.

    Intervention strings can be provided with our proprietary sour service drill pipe grades of high yield strength for service in H2S environments.?

    Technical Support

    To receive support in designing and determining which string to use, please Contact Us and provide as much information about your upcoming project.

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