• eHawk? Remote Support ?

    eHawk? Remote Support is the most immediate and globally responsive means of reducing downtime. Globally integrated support centers in the USA and Norway enable fast and effective collaboration with your rig crew or shore based support team. Our eHawk technicians are here to assist you whenever and wherever you may need it, 24/7/365.


    eHawk? Remote Support is a premium, on-demand support and diagnostic service. When called upon, eHawk can be granted remote live access to your rig data, to quickly see what is happening, clarify system operation, or troubleshoot your NOV equipment. It links you with our subject matter experts and design engineers to effectively answer your questions and overcome your challenges. Whenever you need help, eHawk is there to provide information and solutions, and if necessary, arrange to get qualified service personnel and/or parts prepared and on the way.


    • 24/7/365 on-demand, remote support providing faster issue response time and reduced service personnel visits, reducing potential downtime and cost.
    • eHawk personnel open your service ticket and help you to navigate the NOV organization until your issue is resolved.
    • The eHawk Data Logger is strongly recommended to ensure the highest levels of remote support. This purpose-built data collector stores control system data from the drilling control network, user interface workstations, and machine controllers (PLC and SBC).
    • Safe and secure eHawk network will ensure sensitive rig information is protected.
    • Advanced troubleshooting. Root cause analysis and reports.
    • Access to design engineers and subject matter experts (SME’s) allow rig crews to improve their knowledge of their equipment and make informed decisions.
    • Software patches and control system upgrades can be remotely installed (subject to risk assessment) to meet the needs of an ever-changing technical environment. This is never done without customer approval. (Additional fees may apply).
    • NOV’s Tracker database is a useful collaboration tool for NOV and customers to interact. It allows users to track service calls, human resources, equipment and rig history, reducing the chance of problems reoccurring.
    • Retrieve important technical rig documentation.