XL Systems' Quality, Health, Safety and Environmental (QHS&E) Management Program plays a vital role in the success of our product development process. The Company is committed to achieving and maintaining the highest standards of quality while meeting the varied requirements of each customer. All manufacturing facilities are subjected to operational audits, equipment audits and third-party audits through a Global Quality Management System to assure continuous quality improvement.

    Environmental protection is a fundamental business practice at XL Systems. Use of sophisticated wastewater recycling and minimization systems in facilities that produce significant amounts of wastewater is one way we continue to meet, and often exceed, strict environmental standards.

    XL Systems believes that healthy employees are productive employees, and that safety incidents are preventable with proper training, equipment and facilities. Since most incidents can be attributed to human factors, we have implemented several behavior-based initiatives such as a hand safety program, a safety mentor program and daily improvement meetings. Adherence to these stringent standards has resulted in significant reductions in recordable and lost-time incidents.

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